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1 Feb

Guest Posting Caution

Before you use the resources in this post to contact blog owners about accepting your guest post, please make sure you’ve read my first article on why most guest posting activity is a waste of time.  Once you’ve done that, let’s consider the directories and services that match blog owners with writers who want to guest post.  The universal problem with all of these opportunities is that the volume is too low to help you achieve your objective.  Here is a comment I just copied from one of these services web site’s (I have underlined the important item):


What volume of enquiry can you expect

It depends on the quality of your site. One of my PR3 sites has received 8 good submissions in the last two months. One writer is now regularly sending 3 articles per month. I provide some nice keyword links from their post, they provide good quality content. Every one’s a winner!


So in the above comment, you see that their outstanding result is one writer is getting three guest posts a month.  WOWEE! If you’ve read my previous article, you realize that three guest posts a month will get you absolutely nowhere.  If the keyword for which you’re targeting is at all competitive, you will need 300 or more backlinks back to your site in order to get on the first page of Google.  And if you’re not on the first page of Google there is no reason to promote your site at all because no one will ever see it.

That all being said, here are some resources that allow you to do free guest posting at such low rates it won’t make any difference but I know some readers of this post will be committed to try them and waste their time, rather than invest their money.  For those willing to invest their money (the way smart businesses grow), I have covered in my previous article the two services I recommend and use, Backlinkmetro.

Because of those services, I have had many websites get to the first page of Google in as little as 7 days (for VERY competitive keywords) and all cases, within 30 days. Disclosure:  I am a customer and affiliate of those services and they compensate me for referrals as they will you.

Guest Post Opportunities for Free


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