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31 Jan

Of course you want to guest post (sometimes called referred to as guest blog).  It’s a free way to get back links to your site which is the all-important measure that Google uses to ascertain your site’s authority.  In fact, our experiments show that these are the best types of links (those embedded in a a post on a private blog) that easily outperform links on blog rolls, comment links, WordPress footers, text links, links from social media sites or any other type of backlinks to your site.

In fact, our experiments show that contextual links within a post placed after the post is created is not as powerful as links created concurrently with the creation of the post.  Therefore, your intuition or what you read is correct about having your article placed on other people’s blogs are the best type of back links you can get for increasing your site’s authority and Google page rank.

Now that we know you’re on the right track, let’s explain why 99% of all bloggers pursue guest posts and guest posting incorrectly.  If you have a key phrase that you’re targeting with super-low competition, then you don’t even need to worry about guest posts.  You can place comments on others blogs and post on social media sites with backlinks to your site. And although this is very weak SEO juice, it will probably be sufficient to get your site on the first page of Google for keyword with no other competition.

On the other hand, if your targeted key phrase is highly competitive, you are wasting your time trying to guest blog.  You will need hundreds, if not thousands of back links from private blogs in order to get you on the first page of Google.  And based on what the research shows about top rank on Google, if you’re not on the first page of Google, you might as well not be on Google at all.  Given that most guest posters contact blog owner’s one-by-one asking for permission to guest post, you would spend weeks, months or even years getting sufficient traction to get your site enough back links to be highly rated.  Therefore, if you want results, you have no other choice than to buy guest blogging opportunities.

This author has had several businesses off-line.  There are certain business rules I notice that work off-line and are often violated by people new to business working online.  One of those aspects is failure to gain critical mass.  This is closely related to the second problem of being under-capitalized and failing to invest money in your business.  Once you swear you won’t commit these two errors, you will realize that it takes some money to grow a business and you will invest by buying guest post opportunities on other websites.  By taking money out of your pocket, you accomplish something quickly that takes some cheap poor SOB months to achieve, if ever (e.g. 99.9% of those that try Internet marketing fail at it).  So, you can be in the .1% of those who succeed in Internet marketing or the 99% who do not value their time, waste hundreds of hours of their time, and fail because they won’t invest.

If you’re ready to invest some money in your business, these are the sources where you can make some money.


BacklinkMetro allows you to place your articles on other blogs in a highly efficient manner.  You pay a monthly rental that is very inexpensive.  For example, having your post with two back links on a blog with PR3 will cost you $.30 per month.  As mentioned before, depending on the competitiveness of your targeted key phrase you might need 500 or 1000 articles placed for more competitive keyword in order to get first page rank on Google.  Therefore, we are looking at an investment of hundred and $50-$300 per month to get you on the first page of Google in a matter of days.  If you’re not willing to make that investment, you need to redo your business model and figure out how you can have a business that is profitable enough to generate the small investment as we are discussing.  If you think $50 to $300 is a large investment, you need to get a job because you won’t make it as a business owner (this is the tough love advice of telling it to your straight and keeping you from being blog owner 8,989,875 grovelling for free guest post opportunities).

Now you know how to have your “guest post” articles on 1000 sites in the next two weeks and see your site ranked #1 on Google for your key-phrase.

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